Introducing the Van Vault Slider & Slim Slider

By April 27, 2017 No Comments

The Van Vault Slim Slider is a secure, low visibility floor drawer system for storing and protecting power tools in their carry cases. The Slim Slider is a half height floor drawer that stores 6 power tools in a single layer. The Slider is a full height floor drawer that stores 6 power tools stacked in 2 layers.


These are a smart way to keep your tools safe and secure yet keep the back of your Ute or your Van looking tidy.

The Slim Slider can be bolted to the deck of your Ute or Van with screws provided, the Slider also comes with brackets to keep it in place as well. There are a number of different ways these boxes can be laid out for example you could have to Sliders on the bottom with a Slim Slider placed on top of vice versa.

Check them out on the website and keep your Tools secure today!



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