VAN VAULT IS NZ’s NUMBER 1 PREMIUM VEHICLE AND ON-SITE SECURITY TOOLBOX SOLUTION. There are thousands of thefts from vehicles and worksites every year in NZ.

Work vans, utes & trucks are valuable items – both the physical vehicle and its contents, often storing expensive tools and equipment. If you suffered a break-in and your valuable equipment and tools were taken, could you continue your job without them? Is your vehicle protected? Do you know how to protect your tools?

Van Vault prides itself in developing the most comprehensive choice of durable and innovative security solutions and lockable tool boxes to deter the most intelligent thieves from stealing your equipment.

Launched in 1998 in UK, Van Vault has grown to be recognised as the world’s leading mobile security tool box brand. From a Van Vault for fixed installation into a small van or tipper truck, to on-site security solutions, the ever-expanding range accommodates solutions for every professional tradesman’s needs. A break-in takes as little as 10 seconds – Can you afford to lose your tools?


At Van Vault we are keen to keep ahead of even the most intelligent thieves. We are the NZ’s number 1 vehicle and on-site security box solution. We remove the stress of having your tools or equipment stolen.

We offer a range of security solution storage boxes for use on-site and in vehicles, locks and chains to aid in minimising the rise in theft. Solutions are available for:

  • Cars
  • Utes
  • Small & Large Vans
  • Tipper trucks
  • And on-site

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the customer services team will be glad to discuss your requirements.